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Meet Jenna

As one of our youngest staff, Jenna is a hard working and dedicated Green Team member. She joined the crew early in our 2016 event season. Jenna definitely made a positive impact this summer by helping our team divert waste at events, and supporting the health of our local communities. So, let’s hear from Jenna!

What are you up to outside of Green Event Services?

I’m in my first year of university studying Environmental Science with a focus in Biological Sciences. I hope to learn about the ways in which we harm our environment and more importantly, solutions to these issues.

What is your experience with Green Event Services?

I enjoy working for Green Event Services because they offer a concrete way to help the environment. I am able to see first hand, the waste I am diverting from the landfill, and the positive impact this has on the event space. It’s been such an eye-opening experience. I never realized how many items can be composted! Creating organic material by way of composting is an excellent way we can reduce harm and environmental degradation. The compost gets returned to the earth as a natural fertilizer!

Any last words?

Take that extra second to figure out what items you should put in which bin the next time you’re at an event. This simple act of checking the labels on your products, and matching them to the bin signage goes a long way to help you develop healthy disposal practices – and help us staff too!

Thank you, Jenna!