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Meet Kam

Meet Kam! Kam’s donned the green shirt since April 2016 and moved easily between roles. Kam reports that his time with us is always interesting, but we bet you’re more interested in the experience from his point of view:

What is the best part about your role with Green Event Services?

My ability to manage my time wisely. I set my goals, prioritize them in order of importance, and attack them until they are complete. I also feel fulfilled when I educate our stakeholders on waste reduction, and the benefits of a cleaner, healthier and safer environment as a result.   

Has working with Green Event Services impacted your life?

Working with Green Event Services has truly impacted me. Firstly, it has challenged me as the job has taken me outside my comfort zone many times and allowed me to reach goals I never knew were possible. Secondly, it has encouraged me to believe more in myself, that anything is possible. Self encouragement is so valuable in terms of personal success. Lastly, it has further enhanced my skills. Colin’s model of leadership is a perfect example of how to run a team effectively. I picked up on his leadership skills.

Do you have a favourite event to work at?

Canada Day is my favourite event to work at, as I get to focus more on educating stakeholders and participants. Education and orientation are the bedrock to knowledge and capacity building!

Any learnings?

I have learned the power of team building and the efficiencies that can be achieved through effective teamwork.

How do you think people can contribute when attending a Green Event?

By changing their psyche and imbibing the culture of waste sorting, separation, recycling, and in that way, supporting the efforts to promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

What advice might you share with someone who wants to live an environmentally engaged life?

It all boils down to sustainable lifestyle choices ranging from eating less meat and eating locally, using less paper and recycling more, adopting car sharing or car-pooling for transportation, starting a compost pile or bin, using cloth bags instead of plastic ones, cutting down on energy use in your home, borrowing instead of buying, reselling or donating items, disposing with disposables, planting seeds and trees, and using your consumer power to purchase fair trade products….off the top of my head…

Thank you, Kam!