Event Compost Management Green Event Services Calgary

Meet Vaneska

Vaneska is our very own Waste Reduction Maniac. Vaneska lives our core values at home, and even works for a company that reduces business waste and increases customer sustainability. Not to mention running an entire Youtube channel dedicated to popularizing, talking (and shouting!) about waste reduction strategies in her spare time.

What did you do pre-Green Event Services?

I took my Bachelors of Science degree in Biology. This is where I really learned that everything in nature is balanced. In order for humans to be in harmony with nature, we need to learn how to balance the way we use our natural resources.

What is your experience with Green Event Services?

I started with Green Event Services in 2015, and worked with the Green Team over the past two event seasons.

What makes you a Waste Reduction Maniac?

We know Vaneska’s passion for waste reduction goes over and above her time spent in our green staff shirt. But don’t just take our word for it, hear it from the Waste Reduction Maniac herself!

Any last words?

“Don’t be a waster!” There you have it, folks.

Thank you, Vaneska!