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Call for Volunteers at the 26th Annual Sikh Parade

Colin needs volunteers for the Sikh Parade this Saturday, May 13! The festivities take place between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm.

Read Colin’s special callout:

Hello and thanks for reading,

I hope your spring is treating you well. It is really starting to feel like summer! We are very busy preparing for our biggest year yet and plan on reducing and diverting 100 tons of waste this year. We have lots of opportunities to get involved coming up in June, July and August!

The reason I am writing is to tell you about an opportunity to get involved in the diverse cultural fabric of the Calgary community. The Annual Sikh Parade is happening on May 13 at the Gurdwara (Dashmesh Cultural Centre) in Martindale. I recently travelled to Vancouver to volunteer at their Annual Vaisakhi Parade with a company very similar to Green Event Services. I had a great time learning about other companies that are focused on working towards zero waste and about other cultures and places this beautiful country has to offer.

Last year, we helped out on about ¼ of the Sikh Parade & Festivities in Calgary. What we witnessed were 12 roll-off bins (yes, 12!!!) full of waste destined for the landfill. This year, we obviously want to make more of an impact and are planning to reduce waste across the entire site. But here’s the thing, our ‘western’ way of doing business really doesn’t coincide with the sentiment of the event. This event isn’t about making money, it is about coming together as a community and engaging with our neighbours and fellow community members, regardless of City quadrant, faith, or annual celebration.

I’ve been educating myself on Sikh culture and this celebration in particular. There is something really beautiful about its practicality and simplicity. I encourage you to read more on the Sikh way of life. I came across the term Sewadar  – a volunteer who offers their services to the community during this annual celebration free of charge as an act of service to the community, regardless of religion, faith, or spirituality. So, you can see how our western conception of business is working in opposition to the meaning of the event.

In this way, I am challenging myself to approach this event in a different way, with a different intention. This event is truly about taking part in and giving back to the community.

The reality is that there are some hard costs that we need to cover. But, I am offering my personal time to plan and lead the waste reduction initiative in service to the Sikh community. So, I am putting it out to our wider community to ask for those who may be interested in donating their time to join me. We could really use a hand educating at the recycling stations for a few hours throughout the day. Any time you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

The Sikh Parade takes place on Saturday, May 13 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

I would be honoured if you would join me, and I can guarantee you will be well fed.

Please email me at to let me know you are interested in volunteering for the Sikh Parade!