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Post Series: Zero Waste Wednesday

Hello! You’ve arrived at the August edition of Zero Waste Wednesday, where we take a moment to talk trash, and consider the “waste” in our world – and how we can make less of it.

We’ve been on the summer event and festival circuit for 2 months now, and with more on the way! First, a big big big thank you to our Green Team, who works tirelessly and passionately to recover valuable resources and leave event sites cleaner than they found them. Second, another big thanks to the event organizers who believe in acting on their environmental responsibility. And, third, you! Thank you for encouraging us, for giving us a “thank you” or a high five, and learning what goes where. We really appreciate your effort in joining our mission, and we hope you take a little Green spirit home with you.

Ok, now that we’re all a little teary eyed…let’s get to it. If you have the time, we’d love for you to take a look at this:

Music festivals are becoming an environmental disaster

Music festivals are becoming an environmental disaster

Posted by Zinc on Wednesday, July 19, 2017


An event site is generally created from scratch in an open public space or natural area. It’s an incredible feat to build the stages, put up tents, and create the desired atmosphere for you, the guests! Unfortunately, though, the effort of building a temporary liveable space, can leave a wake of negative environmental impacts.

Green Event Services was founded on the belief that we can and will do better. We want to have our party, but we believe we can waste less, too. Events are an amazing way to bring arts, culture and community into one space. Events provide needed social outlets and experiences. BUT without care and attention to the event’s waste management, we actually end up doing our immediate community – we’re talking the physical place, the environment, our drinking water, and neighbours – a disservice once the fun is all over.

By integrating an event greening strategy from the get go, you can get pretty darn close to creating zero waste. Crazy, right?! Planning for a green event is more than the provision of waste diversion infrastructure like recycling and compost bins. It’s about looking holistically at an event, and how it can reduce it’s overall production of waste. A great, and simple example is to mandate food vendors to use only certified compostable food ware, or for bars to use only bottles and cans. In these instances, no materials end up “wasted”, food and food ware gets turned into soil and glass and aluminum are used again.

Beyond making sense, festivals and events who go green, do make a positive impact. Let’s keep encouraging them to do so!

Thanks for talking trash with us. We’ll see you next month!

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