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Vegetable Scraps

Post Series: Zero Waste Wednesday

If you haven’t heard, we’re on a mission Towards Zero Waste!

The first Wednesday of each month, we will present you with a little tidbit of information on what you can do to waste less. We hope it will inspire you to incorporate some zero waste habits into your life. And, show you just how easy it can be!

Let’s start with something in the kitchen!

Here’s the scenario:

You’re making dinner, chopping away at some vegetables – the meal is prepared. Now, you have a pile of discarded vegetable bits, like the scraggly ends of carrots, broccoli stalks, celery tops, potato peels, onion ends – you name it!

You might think of these bits as “waste” – but hold on! They still have so much to offer you!

These bits make a great vegetable broth base. You can get started on it right away, or put the ends in a container, and then freeze it until you’re ready to make a broth.

Ready to make broth? Throw those vegetable bits in a pot, and cover with water. Add some spices, like good old S&P, maybe some bay leaves, and anything else that gets you excited! Bring the pot to a boil, then reduce to medium-low heat. Stir it here and there. Let simmer for at least 1 hour. Et voila, you have a delicious and simple broth to start off your next meal!

Ok, so now you have the same vegetable bits to contend with, but you’ve really milked them.

Now, we recommend composting them! This is where this potentially gets a little less accessible. The City of Calgary is rolling out their single family residential green cart compost program this week. The roll-out will continue into the fall, so you may be able to give those veggie ends a third chance very soon.

If you’re in a multi-family residence – such as a condo or apartment building, your condo boards will also be required to make a change to waste collection. The multi-family (and business) food and yard waste collection bylaw comes into effect on November 1st, 2017.

We’re really excited that Calgarians will be exposed to composting on this scale. And, for those who are already backyard composting (amazing!), this gives you the opportunity to divert even more of what you discard. The new City of Calgary composting facility can handle cooked and processed food, bones, dairy and even kitty’s litter!

We hope you will try out making some broth. We’d love to hear if it works out for you.

And, we look forward to continuing this journey Towards Zero Waste with you.